Your body is designed for success. Pain travels along nerve pathways. Compressed nerves create pain. Training muscles to spring (direct strength upward) removes nerve compression. Successful design requires spring! Your muscles and bones are designed to Spring! 

      Spring relieves pain. Our muscles are designed to spring. 

Muscle Spring creates surplus strength, an overflow of physical well-being infusing daily activities like: walking, standing and sitting with a feeling of effortless power, endurance and balance. Unfortunate habits of tension, flaccid muscle tone, or mis-guided posture impede successful spring.

Fortunately our bodies are designed to succeed. Brief precise exercise reprograms muscles to release tension and produce spring. Athletic ability or tremendous exertion is not required. Our muscles have a talent and a design to spring. Brief exercise means very brief: 30 –45 seconds.

      Precision in exercise makes the difference. Precision delivers Spring!

Precision awakens portions of muscles that habits leave unrecruited. Stimulating neglected muscle fibers increases strength and relieves pain.

Once muscles learn to spring; they keep on springing!

Spring producing exercise (Revive-A-Back) frees our muscles from the unreal limitations of habit and delivers in our everyday lives: abundant strength, enduring spring, pain-free walking, standing, and sitting.

Brief precision exercise dramatically increases strength. 
      Abundant strength overcomes weakness and pain. 
      Abundant strength already exists in your muscles and bones. 
      Liberating that strength delivers pain relief for life, for real. 

      Our bodies are designed for strength & spring!

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Many of the Revive-A-Back exercises can be viewed online.  

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